Monday, January 9, 2012

One Word for 2012

Have you heard others say they have chosen their word for the year?  And thought "what are they talking about?"  A new year brings the thought of resolutions.  How can I make this year better than the last?  

Most of the time this is a reflection and renewal for self.  People make new year's resolutions determined to keep them, this year.  I love the new trend of choosing a word for yourself for the year instead of making a list of resolutions that probably don't make it passed January.  Although resolutions can be good, One Word can have deeper meaning and help you grow in ways to make you a better soul.

The Word can be any word.
One word that sums up what you want to accomplish in 2012.
One word that you can work on everyday.
One word that will inspire you to better yourself.

My word last year was TRUST.  It was very fitting for me last year.  I needed to trust some people more than I had been.  A scripture that I wrote on my Word display was:

Trust in the Lord with all thy heart and 
lean not unto thine own understanding.
~ Proverbs 3:5

I realized Christ was someone else that I needed to trust more.  Have faith and not stress about all the details.  I feel that my trust in Christ and others did grow.

My Word this year for 2012 is EMBRACE.

This came to my mind one day out of the blue and felt right.  I think it took me awhile to find TRUST as my word last year.  EMBRACE seemed to, well, embrace me, quickly.  My thoughts and feelings lean toward embracing my children and husband more.  Embrace them with my love, my time, my efforts, my attitude.  I then think of specific ways that I can accomplish this.  Displaying my word helps remind me of my year's focus.  And I do a quick mental check?  Am I embracing my husband and children?  What things have I been doing to embrace them?  What can I do better or more? 

I shared my word and its meaning to me with my husband.  We thought this word would be perfect for our family's focus as well.  We hope travel comes into play this year and embracing those opportunities is exactly what we want to do.

 Have you found Your Word for 2012?  Don't be afraid.
One Word can change Your Year for the better.
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