Monday, November 7, 2011

How To Clean Wax from Brushes

I am really enjoying using wax as a furniture finish.  At first it didn't seem to become a good protective coating because it was soft.  But as it cures, it hardens.  Even buffed to shine it has a nice soft look.

I will show you the cleaning process, this is after using a dark wax so that you can see the wax.  Remember to always use a light wax first or the dark wax will stain your piece.
I have been using Fiddes and Sons purchased from John Millen Hardware.  It is a lot cheaper than Annie Sloan's wax and I believe performs just as well.
 Pour cooking oil (vegetable or canola) on waxed brush.
 Rub in.
Then add soap.  I use Dawn and it works great.  I love Dawn soap.  It is fabulous in the laundry room too to get out all kinds of stains, including already dried on chocolate.
 Clean under hot water.
 Wahlah! Clean.
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  1. Thanks for sharing this!! I am going to go give it a try!!

  2. Voila! Clean and Thank you! I have the same problem

  3. Wow! This really works. I had a small bottle brush I got candle wax on and wasn't sure how to get it clean. I used olive oil and Dawn to clean the brush and it is like new! Thank you!

  4. I didn't have any store bought cleaner, so I gave yours a try and I couldn't believe how well it worked.Saved me a trip to the hardware store.