Thursday, September 29, 2011

Creativity : We all have it.

I believe that we all are creative.  That doesn't mean we all enjoy painting or drawing, but are creative each in our own way.  A lot of times that creativity doesn't have anything to do with art or crafts.  
RAW is a time for women to gather and enjoy each others laughter and friendship.  We encourage each other to find what creativity might be within us.  Some fight it (because they don't think they are any good).  Some don't know it exists.  But it is there.  You just have to go for it, whatever it is.  Sometimes doing a something we won't ever do again, or like, will help you find what really makes your soul come alive.  

RAW (Random Art Workshop) tonight was great for me (even if I had small ones interrupting).
We all brought something different to do but were there as one.
Tonight Amanda worked on quilts for her children (already getting Christmas gifts done!  Wow.  She is on top of it). 
Jenica sketched with graphite pencils.  Way cool! Christine came to chat, but she took a brave step and ended up cutting and pasting magazines pieces that described her interests. Heather introduced us to Zentangle.  Not that this drawing technique is something new.  We have all probably tried it when we were bored in school "listening" to our teacher lecture.  You may have seen this style incorporated in different paintings or drawings.  Although it isn't something brand new, it was fun to see the various patterns and techniques up close and do it while not being bored in a class.
I began with experimenting with some texture and paint, but then quickly transferred over to getting Totally Tangled.  It was fun.  And people have done some amazing artwork from "doodling."
Below is my try at Zentangle.  Fun stuff.
 Oh, and you gotta have the treats. Yum!
Thanks Ladies for a great night!

To find a RAW gathering near you (or host one) go here.
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  1. Wow....that Zentangle is awesome!!! I want to learn more about that. What camera are you using?? Your pictures are wonderful. I'm inspired to start some RAW groups in my area!!!

  2. Harmony ~ My camera is a Canon T2i. The photos were taken with kitchen lighting. I'm not a great photographer, but hope to learn how to use my camera better. Thanks.
    RAW is such a nice break. I enjoy doing art any day, but to gather with others and share the joy is even so much better.
    I enjoy seeing the results from doing "Zentangle." I looked it up on google images and got ideas there as well.