Thursday, September 29, 2011

Birdhouse: Let Your Heart Sing

Let Your Heart Sing Birdhouse 
by Sureynot
Bird greets you out front Singing Her Heart Out perched on her wooden fence. Bird created with a stamp, paper and cardboard.  Song created from vintage sheet music and cardboard.

Also in front:
~ A metal swirled design heart 
~ A bit of moss nesting in the "doorway"
~ A single flower made from pine cone petals, button and stick for a stem.

Moss covered roof.
3 Buttons are laced over the roof with hemp.
Back of Birdhouse
~ FLY Banner: paper, stamp and hemp
~ Let Your Heart Sing: Distressed edges, Printed words onto light blue polka dot paper.
Sing sits on a music paper rosette.  Both Rosette and Sing glisten with glitter.  
 Each side is covered with decorative paper.
Sticks line the base and corners of the birdhouse.
The Birdhouse hangs with
off-white shear ribbon that has a solid edge.

Let Your Heart Sing Birdhouse is an Interior house decor.

The "frame" of the house is made from solid wood.
Roof ~ 7 inches x 7.5 inches
House ~ Front and Back width: 5.5 inches
          ~ Side length, including fence, 6.25 inches

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